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B12 Shots – *My Experience*

b12 injectionIve always had a favorable response to B12. It improves all of my symptoms, especially brain fog. I finally got to try my first Hydroxocobalamin B12 shot (after having to convince my Dr.) and within a couple hours my brain fog feels much improved. My genetic test results from amy yasko showed that i have a mutation in the gene MTRR that recycles b12.
So these shots may be very beneficial me.
From what i have read, b12 is very helpful to most cfs patients. The reasons that it might help is that b12 is a scavanger for the free radicals nitric oxide and peroxynitrite. Nitric oxide can caused decreased barin fuction and also can
increase sesitivity to pain. Certain doctors like Martin Pall believe that free radicals may be the cause of CFS. Dr. Pall cured himself of CFS by the use of antioxidants like CoQ10, Vitamin e, Flavinox, NaC, EPA fish oil, acetyl-l-carnitine and Alpha lipoic acid.

B12 is an extremely safe supplement and is not toxic at any level. Any extra b12 that the body doesnt need is excreted though urine. Sublingual b12 is also very helpful, if you dont have access to injections. There are also a few different forms of b12 that might be more appropriate for certain issues.

Hydroxocobalamin – This is the form that i was prescribed. If you feel over-stimulated from the other form, this is the one you should take. My genetic test showed that i may have high levels of serotonin and dopamine, and hydroxocobalamin doesnt have methyl groups.

Methylcobalamin – This is the form that my Dr. first recommended. She believed it was the most active, but for me the methyl form was overstimulating and i had to take the hydrox form. This may be the most expensive also, due to the fact that it has to be made in completely sterile conditions.

Cyanocobalamin – This is the most used form and possibly the cheapest. I also took a shot of this form and it worked well for me.

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  1. Jen says:

    I have extremely terrible fatigue and have been taking b12 injections. (regular) (along with the long list of everything else…) I am taking all the sublinguals of the different b12s, but I am wondering if they might work better in injection form. Can you tell me why your dr. was resistant to prescribing this type of b12 injection? Is it working better?

  2. admin says:

    hi jen,
    my dr. didnt think that hydro b12 worked as well as methyl or cyano. She said that methyl was by far the most active form.

    Ive tried the hydrox and cyano forms. The hydrox didnt help that much over the long term, it is less stimulating, but didnt help as much as the cyano. I think there reason i noticed more of an improvement that i was talking about it above, was because i accidentally injected it into a big vein in my leg.

    Not really sure, but i switched back to the cyano and it work alot better for me.

    Also the hydrox and methyl forms are very expensive.
    But my insurance paid for some of it.

  3. taniaaust1 says:

    Hi there :) great site and very helpful too. As a CFSer of 11 years, Im thinking about doing one, more sites like this are needed.. Thank you for yours. :)

    I’ve been experiementing with Cyanocobalamin injections and are finding them so far helpful to my memory and mindfog. I can actually now do very simple maths in my head again due to them :) . So far thou they havent helped my energy or anything else. Due to a MTHFR polymorpism, I should be having the Methylcobalamin to donate methyl group.

    In my case no doctor would agree to allow me to try B12 injections, (my memory issues were so bad that I couldnt even remember at times what simple objects were or even looked like), so out of desperation, I started doing this treatment myself. (Here in Australia one dont need a script to get these ampules).

    I have no real idea how much of these most CFSers are taking? or what the recommendations of dosage are for this?. What were you told as far as how often to have this?? (I notice it worn off within 4-5 days).


  4. Admin says:

    i take them 2 times a week. I do 1 cc each shot.
    I do notice that they wear of after a week or so.

    My dr. did say that i could take as much as i needed, because your body just urinates out the excess. But i also heard that there is a very small risk of eye nerve damage with the cyanocobalamin form. So maybe you dont want to take huge doses. Ask your Dr. about that.

    Im taking the hydroxy form and it is less stimulating that the cyano form. Which was good for me because i felt kind of nervous on the cyano form.

    But it definately helps alot.

  5. Susan says:

    I want to add a very important factor in taking a B-complex whenever taking the components of B vitamins. If you take only components (B-6, B-12, ect..) seperate, it will leach out all the other B vitamins if you don’t take a B-complex once a day. Just makes sense not to just take one component without the whole B vitamin.
    Just a word of wisdom to always seek the natural in its complete form.

  6. Ursula says:

    Eventhough Vit B is a good solution. It is not the best solution. Usually when you have CFS the mitochondria in the cells are not working properly. They can not make the necessary energy to keep you going. It is a known fact the CFS is caused by the Epstein Barr virus. The virus can be eliminated through a series of homeopathic remedies, as well as changes to diet and lifestyle.

  7. admin says:

    I would have to disagree with the comment above. It is definately not a fact that CFS is caused by epstein barr. There are many people that have cfs and dont have elevated antibodies for epstein barr. If that was the cause, the solution would be antivirals, and so far antivirals havent really panned out.

    It may be true in some cases, but defintly not all.
    There are also other viruses that doctors are looking in to like HHV6

  8. John says:

    I tried Vitamin B12 shots. Initially I think they helped a little bit, but I stopped taking them and actually didn’t notice any difference. I think whatever positive impact it had at the start sort of wore off over time (a few months). I’d be interested to see if others had a similar experience?

    As for the post a few above Epstein Barr virus – Its by no means a ‘known fact’ that the virus is the cause of CFS. It may well have triggered it in me tho.

    When I first got CFS it was a few months after a bout of the virus, and my Doctor refused to believe it was anything but the virus and I was basically treated like a whining hypochondriac. This was about 12 years ago, I hope times have changed a little bit. More doctors seem to believe you when you say you have CFS anyway.

  9. Tony says:

    In Australia the ampules of B12 we can buy over the counter is definitely hydroxocobalamin, not cyano. It’s called Neo-B12.
    I’ve been injecting hydroxy daily for over a year and it’s been a great brain fog clearer.
    The first shot was negative and made me more lethargic for a few days. The second shot the following week was neutral. At week three the third shot cleared my head a little and from then on it was mostly all good. My thinking became more clear and easier for hours each day.
    I worked slowly up to one shot per day, 10mg/1ml. After a couple of months the lethargy became hard to deal with so I backed off to 2 shots per week.
    Then after adding Vit E 1000iu and folic acid 5mg I can now handle one shot per day of almost 1ml.
    It was a bit of trial and error but well worth it.
    I wouldn’t live without it now!

  10. Tony says:

    That should read that I inject almost 0.1ml daily. Apologies!

  11. glenys saavedra says:

    I’ve had fatigue stress for 20 years. I was treated with B-12 injections for 10 years and stopped. Now in my 40’s, It’s been more difficult to even get out of bed until I resumed the B-12 injections again on my own.One simple injections a week after I started with a round of 2cc’s every day for 2 weeks and then once a week. I now have a normal daily routine without feeling rundown and mind-fogged throughout the day.

  12. Sue says:

    I have had CFS for 15 years following a huge dose of penicillin IV that I was known to be allergic to, I have improved gradually over the years but am still stuck with life restricting fatigue and muscle pain.
    I have recently started (after reading this blog) taking B12 injections. I started with 1 injection of neo-B12 weekly but have increased it to once a day and the difference is amazing. I am being careful but I am so hopeful that I will be able to slowly build up my strength and stamina. I say to everyone… TRY IT for yourself, the injections dont hurt especially if you warm it in you hands before giving it.
    Good luck

  13. rakeback says:

    I have had CFS for a few years now and I also find that B12-Injections help improve my symptoms. I get them once a week.

  14. caitlin eakins says:

    Hi all

    I have had CFS for a few years now and my Dr has only just suggested B12 ingestion/injections. I am trying to find out what dosage/concentration is best.

    I have read your comments with interest but cannot find any info on how many mcg’s or ml’s or whatever!

    can anyone help?



  15. Debra says:

    I have had CFS for 15 years after suffering from occupational lead poisoning. I have been taking proton pump inhibitors the entire time due to stomach damage from the lead poisoning.

    Two years ago, I started having trembling, was in a lot of pain upon movement, choked a lot, and the brain fog got a lot worse. I thought I was getting Parkinson’s Disease. The neurologist found that I had a severe B12 deficiency. I started injections of cyanocobalamine–2 cc’s once a week. Within 3 weeks, my symptoms went away.

    It turns out that if a person takes proton pump inhibitors for longer than a couple of weeks, the stomach is not able to process B12. You would think that my gastroenterologist would have known this.

    To those of you that have doubts about the injections…they are pretty much painless. My granddaughter gives them to me. If I go longer than a couple of weeks without my B12, I can definitely tell as I start getting cranky, foggy headed, and have muscle aches and twitches. But, I have found that regular doses of vitamin D (1000 mcg/day) and a daily multivitamin also help with the muscle spasms.

  16. Jonathon says:

    Just a quick question if this blog is still active. Have you ever tried oral b12 (adenosyl, hydroxy, methyl, cyano)? If so, how does it compare to the shots? I have the same mtrr mutation as tested by amy yasko, I have found 3mg 3 times a day of adenosylcobalamin/dibencozide to be essential to everyday happiness. I have found mega high-dose of b12 (10mg 3 times a day) to be really really good, although it’s still early days with that. That’s why I’m n this blog, reading about injections and whether it’s worth trying.

  17. admin says:

    i would say the shots are worth a try.
    I havent taken as high of a dose as you have orally, but i can definitely feel it when i do a shot compared to the sublingual lozenge. (i take 2 per day)

    I personally cant tolerate the cyano shots, because they are too stimulating for me, but hydroxy works really well.

    I’ve also never tried the adenosyl version.

    good luck

  18. Chris says:

    Hi all,
    I have CFS too, amongst many other symptoms (including heavy brain fog, insomnia, depression… things that a surprising number of doctors I saw consider to be “all in the mind”). Most or all of the symptoms seem to be traceable to chronic mercury exposure – but just waiting on results of a white blood cell proliferation (allergic reaction) test, to confirm (or otherwise) a strongly elevated (methyl)mercury level in my hair residue test (with a big spike in arsenic also found there, too).
    I am now on several months sick leave, and so have headed back Down Under for some rest. I recently had heard about these B12 injections (until now, taking B12 spray under my tongue, with generally very good effects). I moseyed on into a rural Aussie pharmacy and emerged with three ampoules of Neo-B12 – but have no clue what to do next! Where do I get myself a syringe – same place?? (and what size, gauge???) And, which muscle(s) should I aim for???

    Cheers, CFS recoverers!

  19. Chris says:

    How easy is it to get a doctor to precribe
    My doc is real good and presribes nearly all i ask so I take Madafinil for waking me up, do u think he would precribe a baily injection of 1ml of NeoB12 as well for energy??
    If he prescribes it will go towards my $2000 tax rebate so much prefer prescription.

  20. Summer says:

    Hi Folks,
    Great thread! I just started seeing a naturopathic doctor for help with complicated depression and anxiety (OCD, ADD etc). I never seemed to tolerate antidepressants very well and could not accept the side effects that came with them (they actually made my brain fog and fatigue worse!). Thus, now I am in the hands of a naturopath who has been administering weekly B12, folic acid compound injections weekly. It wasn’t until the 2nd shot that I noticed something “click on.” I am now on shot 3 and I can tell you that I have noticed a marked difference in the way I feel, react to stress and even my sleep rhythms. I still have more or less the same amount of stressors in my life, but now, I don’t seem to feel as “swept up” or overwhelmed by them. I feel as though everything has slowed and quieted down. I can think clearly (as though an internal lamp just switched on!) I am not exaggerating – I was skeptical- but now I cannot deny it. And even so, if what I am experiencing is simply a placebo “mind over matter” effect, so be it – either way, it’s working like a charm. My only challenge is budgeting for the weekly $30.00 shots which I justify as an alternative treatment instead of being pumped full of antidepressants. I highly recommend trying it. My family doctor is not in favor of me seeing a naturopath. And while I have high regards for him as a Western doctor, I had to make my health my responsibility and not wait for modern medicine to heal me – it wasn’t. I too was being told that “it’s all in my head, aging or genetics.” I’m only 35! The next time you have bloodwork, ask the lab for a copy of the results and run them to your naturopath. I think the ideal would be a comprehensive approach between modern and naturopathic medicine. Following is a list of a few benefits I have been noticing since my 2nd B compound injection:
    Clear headed
    Marked reduction in anxiety or panic attacks
    I feel rested and “awake” upon rising (for the first time since childhood!)
    Improvement in circulation (no more Renauds)
    A sense of calm
    linear thought – less over-thinking
    slight elevation in energy, stamina
    peppier than usual – not depressed – feel lighter
    warmth and colour back in my skin
    decrease in acne

  21. Niki says:

    I have all of those symptoms you said have been alleviated and just today found out I am very very low in b12. Here’s hoping my doc cooperates.

  22. Julie says:

    I had been diagnosed with CFS for many years, found a Lyme doctor that tested me for tick borne infections, I tested positive for antibodies to three different ones. I am hopeful the treatment works. If anyone is interested in more information on vector diseases the International Lyme and Associated Diseases has reliable information.

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