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BEE STING THERAPY for Chronic Pain and Auto-Immune Disorders

bee venom therapyIn Bee Venom Therapy, also know as Apitherapy, a person intentionally lets themself be stung by a bee for medicinal purposes. Live bees are picked up with tweezers and set near the patients skin until they are stung. Bee Venom Therapy is used for a variety of disorders such as multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic pain, and rheumatic conditions. People engaging in this practice can be intentionally stung up to 20 times per day. So, why would a sick person intentionally subject themselves to the pain of a bee sting?

Using bee stings to treat illness might seem like a practice more suited for the middle ages, but these studies agree this strange therapy might have some benefits. One study by the NIH concluded that bee venom therapy was effective at treating arthritis in rats. Another study reported positive results when using bee venom as a means of pain relief. Currently there are addictional trials underway to detemine the effectiveness of bee venom in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.
What researchers believe are main ingredients behind the medicinal benefits of bee venom, are the substances melittin and apelin. Melittin is a peptide found in bee venom that can stimulate the pituitary gland to release ACTH, this leads to the production of cortisol. Cortisol is a powerful hormone in our body which controls the immune system and our stress response. When melittin was tested in rats it was found to be 100x stronger than the anti-inflammitory drug hydrocortisone. Apelin also affects the immune system slowing down the production of interleukin-1, and reducing inflammation.
Bee Venom Therapy

Click Here – to see a video about Bee Venom Therapy

Discovery Channel Video about Bee Sting Therapy being used to treat diseases like Multiple Slerosis, Arthrits, and Pain. Also show patients enaging in Bee Venom Therapy.

Bee Venom has especially been effective in treating forms of arthritis. An injection of Bee Venom completely suppressed the development of Polyarthritis, a form of auto immune arthritis. The effect of Bee Venom on arthritis is believed to have to different mechanisms of action:

1: altering the immune response

2: anti-inflammatory effects by way of corticosteroids

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23 Responses to “BEE STING THERAPY for Chronic Pain and Auto-Immune Disorders”

  1. Anne Hillebrand says:

    Bee stings produce Histamine.

    Fibros don’t need Histamine. We usually need a decongestant. A lot of people confuse these two because they are in different types of allergy meds.

  2. To whom this may concern:
    I would like all the information I can get on any kind of therapy for MS. I have it and am now on Copaxone through an injection every day.I would appreciate anything you have on this subject.
    Thank You,

  3. Margaret Lemieux says:

    I was diagnosed with progressive MS about five years ago. It all started with cronic pain in the bottom of my feet which was almost unbarable. Although no one really looked at my feet and many test preformed by Neurologist I was diagnosed with this condition. I am not so troubled with the ms. as I still pretty much do everything but the pain on the bottoms of the feet persists and of course I walk slow and have the effect of heavyness in my legs. Do you think this treatment may be of some use.

  4. kent hoover says:

    do,s anyone know where i can get bee sting therapy i have auto-immune dissorders/ i live in el paso texas
    could someone tell me where or how to find out, i use the libary for p.c use thank you my # is 915-599-9777
    thank you so much i amso desperate to try this ,thanks so much….kent

  5. kent hoover says:

    to give info on how to find bee sting therapy in el paso texas for kent hoover,contact……………thank you

  6. steven n. opelc says:

    Bee stink therapy can be gotten from any hobby or commercial bee keeper in your area, most are familiar with it…..look under apiary in phone book..a former hobby bee keeper…long before I got cfs…..sno

  7. I would like info. on how to find someone in my area that does this bee stings, for pain. My father who is 78 yrs old has had cronic pain for many years due to a bad hip. But he has had 3 heart attacks, so they cannot do a hip replacemnt…is this something for him? we live in south carolina..little river 29566

    thank you

  8. steven n. opelc says:

    Linda….the bee sting therapy is not for pain as such….a result of a bee sting in the body is the production of cortosol…..cortosol is a natural hormone the body produces…it helps with arthritis by making the joints a little more flexible…it would not do anything for any other pain…..hope helps…have fun…..sno

  9. KATIA says:

    I have lupus, does anybody knows if will work for me?

  10. Maria Cynthia San Antonio says:

    MS was diagnosed in 1999 – although the fight is on w/MS therapies such as copaxone, and avonex I still would like to know if the Bee therapy would be possible when taking avonex once a week. Would it be possible for someone to respond if somone in San Antonio, TX is currently using it and how can I find it as well. Please reply via email or phone @ (210) 888-7393 or (210) 567-2106 ask for Maria

  11. maria says:

    Hello, i have arthritis and i have been using bee therapy for a few years.i was wondering if anyone has any information about where i could get the bee sting therapy in Houston or around the Katy area. If you have any information please contact me at mari_te04 @

  12. Randy Helm says:

    Does anyone know where I can purchase live bees for therapy…my old supplier went out of business. my e-mail is thanks Randy.

  13. shelby says:

    Hello i am 18 years old and trying to find something to help my uncle out. He has inclusion body myositis and i really want to know if the bee sting therapy help that. Please someone let me know soon, i do not like seeing someone who raised me slowly diein. I love him too much to see him in pain and let him go.
    Thank you.

  14. Cindy Lamb says:

    My brother has MS and we have tried for years to find someone in the Dallas area who can assist us with bee sting therapy. Does anyone know who to contact. I have contacted bee keepers and a bee keepers’ club but to no avail.

    Please email me at clamb[at] if you have any information. My brother actually lives in Lewisville and he cannot get out much so someone in that area would be good as well.

  15. deenie says:

    •To find someone to perform bee sting therapy or a reliable supplier of bees, contact the American Apitherapy Society at 631-470-9446 or go to website at
    See too: Basically the author says that bee sting therapy is experimental and she wouldn’t ever do it. But she is healthy, so nothing to gain. Myself, if I had MS or something similar, I’d rather do bee therapy than take prescription drugs, which I abhor.

  16. Janeth Sierra says:

    I need HELP! My husband needs the bee venum theraphy in Houston, TX Does anyone know where I can call.

    Your HELP is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Janeth Sierra

  17. Cliff Hartley says:

    I got in a hornet nest the other evening and was stung 12 or 14 times. The strangest thing is my post polio pain hasn’t been near as bad since then. Sure hope it lasts!
    If any readers have Post Polio Syndrome and the associated this might be something to try. I am going to talk to my pain management doctor about it when I see him later this month.


  18. jackie stemen says:

    I have a bee hive in my house and use the bees for therapy if anyone is interested call me…281-202-2359

  19. beesting says:

    Dear Sirs,
    Bee venom, when injected by individual honey bee stingers highlights or contaminated or attaches to calcium-based plaque laminates formed by immune system in skeleton joints of the body. Honey bee venom can give full relief in patients with arthritis of the hands, feet, knees, elbows and even peyronies of the penis. Of course there are no bones in the penis, but none the same my body´s immune system continues to place plaque there– laminates of calcium—thus rendering the penis useless to its owner!
    I know this is to be true, for I have had both arthritis of the hands and penis years back. I am free of these diseases or discomforts, currently, but still must capture a few honey bees and inject their venom into selected parts of my body each month—to remain free of calcium-based laminates my body´s immune system continually lays within my skeletal body joints.
    It is important to remember that honey bee venom is not useful on the shelf—in either pills or liquids! Why is this true? Bee venom is time sensitive and can only be applied directly from the bee stinger itself. Bee venoms travel across the connective tissues, and sort of coat the tissues alone the way. It travels in all directions like other venoms, not true for medicines issued by needles and licensed medical doctors! So by converting time sensitive bee venom into other forms like pills or liquids in a bottle, the venom is made useless to the patient.
    Bee venom travels in all directions from site of entry, and it coats all the connective tissues and bacteria, and virus and calcium-based plaque laid down by the immune system in selected parts of the skeleton body joints—like hands, feet and the male penis—eventually rendering these parts of the body useless.
    If the above has any usefulness to your website browsers and members, please look into this further. The key words to start searching the internet are: peyronies, beesting, beesting2, BVT
    With these four key words, you will easily find several letters posted by Beesting. There is enough information in these letters to get started, if BVT self treatments appeal to your needs to be from arthritis or peyronies. In conclusion, I am free of these two diseases for now.

  20. beesting says:

    Beesting venom linked to arthritis and peyronies freedom

    3rd letter from beesting, self-treatments discussed

    Arthritic disfigurement and peyronies dysfunction are the ´long-term´ result of the body´s immune system deposition of calcium-based plaque in selected parts of the body. The selection process by the immune system is based on keeping the body in a ´State of Well Being´ 24 hours a day. And that if any part of the body fails, will be labeled, ´ a damaged zone.´
    If one wishes to visually touch this material, calcium-based plaque (c-patches), one only needs to floss in-between one´s teeth to capture it! It appears the immune system has labeled teeth and gums as a damaged zone, and continually coats them with laminates upon laminates of c-patches 24 hours a day.
    My name is beesting (not my real name), and I had peyronies back in 1998 up to 2005 before starting useful treatments of honey bee venom. Yes, I did search the internet back then, many hundreds of man hours and more to no avail. What is most shocking to me today, about the same stuff is still online. Yap, even the penis stretcher continues to be marketed, which is absolutely amazing — to even think a real certified doctor is selling them to earn a profit!
    About 1995 I began working with beekeepers, and soon realized most wear only protective face gear. It took me many months before I would end up practicing beekeeping within full body gear on. I had pains in my hands then, and most of it went away through the years of small scale beekeeping. I stopped keeping bees a few years later. In October 2000, I went to the USA, and got confirmation I had peyronies. Shortly after I began more searches online, but failed to get any useful news, just lots of bulletin chat websites – mostly sponsored by victims of doctors practicing with their needles and implants and fees.
    My hands were experiencing pain at times of labor, and I did discover the BVT therapy websites. I was excited about this, for I knew most beekeepers do not suffer from arthritis pains of the hands! I began the business of capturing, feeding, and placing honeybees onto selected parts of my hands, mainly finger joints and thumbs. I had shortly developed an over-dose test on my wrist. Here it is. Inject one bee stinger on center part of wrist, and wait 2 minutes before ´flipping´ out the bee-stinger with one´s finger nail. The wrist will swell up or get red with little soreness the next day. After a few days, repeat same test on top of wrist –but with two bee stingers. The wrist will swell up more and redness going upwards the arm, but next day your connective tissues—mainly muscles will be very sore. This would be considered an over dose in such a small damage zone, if the wrist was with arthritis. If you repeated the test again, but with three honeybee stingers, the pain would be present for several days. Therefore, only apply one honeybee stinger in any one selected part of the body. In other words, be it one finger, one wrist, one knew, one elbow, or penis, apply one bee stinger per 24 hour period, one exceptions!
    After some practice with my fingers, on each hand, I became expert at bee stinger injecting. I could easily get the honey bee placed over the selected finger joint, and get a deep insertion. If I failed, and the beestinger went in – say sidewise (one can see the stinger pointing horizontally inside the skin surface), I would use my finger nail and slide it out quickly. This would be considered a failed injection of beestinger, and I would need to wait the next day to repeat the effort in the same finger joint. Remember, one bee sting per 24 hours time frame per selected damage zone of the body.
    Well it did not take much of a genius to eventually picture in one´s mind — a finger is much like a penis of sorts. And in my kitchen, standing alone, I finally captured my stressed penis in hand, and completed my first bee-sting injection. Of course, I jumped about the kitchen. Within 2 minutes, my penis had enough, so I removed bee stringer with my finger nail. Over the next few months, I had made enough mistakes, that I developed these rules.
    1. Always apply bee-stinger in the top part of penis, never below shaft. The skin is the thinnest, and the bee-stinger can pass both skin barriers with ease.
    2. Never more than one bee-sting application per day, even if you fail to get a deep injection. Failed stingers must be removed pronto, to reduce the immune systems reaction of entering body fluids into the penis.
    3. Avoid all besting injections of the penis head, and any surface type blood veins. One honey bee injection of 15 seconds to 2 minutes is enough to treat the entire penis. It takes 25 minutes for a bee-stinger to inject all its venom. Therefore, 2 minutes is only a small portion. Today, I leave bee-stinger in penis 10 minutes or more. But only apply this treatment once a month, as maintenance plan to keep the immune system from adding too many laminates of c-patches throughout my penis.
    4. Remember injection of bee stingers are to be targeted only in center, middle of penis shaft. If you wish to add more BVT Treatments to the prostate gland, then you need to inject bee-stingers at the base of the pelvis where the penis enters the body.
    In conclusion, it is my best guess that bee venom, itself, coats the c-patches placed by the immune system. This painting of the laminates highlights the calcium based plaques in such a way, that the immune system cannot remove the toxins from the plaque laminates entirely. Therefore, the contaminated c-patches are completely removed by the immune system that put them there in the first place. The good news is that c-patches take a real long time to be built up to develop arthritis or peyronies dysfunction. Whereas, bee venom coats and penetrates all c-patches in its path, even deeply, requiring the immune system to remove both free-toxins and toxins attached to laminates of calcium based plaque!
    Finally, bee venom moves across all connective tissues, where as doctor injections are chemicals with little movement, except via immune system physical removal of it. This is why one bee-sting injections travel throughout the body´s connective tissues: be it a finger, toe, wrist, elbow or penis. Whereas, doctor injections just sit there, right where they were injected into the body. The only real movement with doctors´ practice — is your ability to be experimented on and you ability to pay their fees for practicing on you!
    I have been free of peyronies since 2006. I took me 1 year to get rid of c-patches on my penis. The surprise is the difficulty to get complete freedom of arthritis of the fingers, now that’s going to take a lot more work then repair a simple penis extension of sorts.
    p.s. By searching the internet with these keywords, beesting, beesting2,arthritis beesting, you should get to find most of my letters of the past 2 years or so. Please remember the beestinger is 1mm long and needles and knives of a doctor could be thousands of time bigger—which is easier to fear!

  21. mark b says:

    i am interested in trying this. i had a severe brachioplexy in my left shoulder. no conventional medicine has helped me, (outside of cannabis, which is illegal) i’ve tried oxycodone, hydrocodone, lyrica, gabapentin, neurotin. valium helps a little. i live in northwestern tennessee, is there anywhere around here i can try?

  22. Arlie Dieffenbacher says:

    enjoyed the post I have a question I’m looking for the top chiro because I need great one I wanted reviews or feedback on Total Health Chiropractic ?529 North Market Street Chattanooga, TN 37405 (423) 265-2225

  23. Ann F. says:

    Regarding the question from Shelby and body inclusion myositis, has anyone found out anything about the treatment of this condition and bee sting therapy. My father was diagnosed and I am searching for treatments. The FDA has not yet approved a medication that is promising and being used in trials, but time is of the essence. Looking for complimentary/alternative interventions. We actually are bee keepers

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