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Yasko Protocol – Simplified Approach For Chronic Fatigue

Currently the Amy Yasko Protocol is attracting alot of attention for the sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Rich Van Konyenburg came up with a simplified approach for treating the methylation cycle block, that you can start without undergoing the genetic test. A long explaination of the simplified approach by Dr. Konyenburg is here.

Here is the basic list of supplements that you would need for the simplified approach.

Folapro – this is an active forl of folate. CFS patients with certain mutations may not be able to metabolise folate into its active form.

Intrinsic B12/folate – This is a combination of the cyanobobalamin form of B12 and folinic acid.

Complete Vitamin and ultra-antioxidant from Holistic Health Consultants. This is a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. It does not include iron or copper in it, has a higher than normal range or magnesium to coppper in it. It supports sulfur metabolism and contains other nutrients that help to improve methylation.

Phosphatidyl Serine Complex - important fatty acids and phospholipids.

Perque B12- this is a form of b12 whch is hydroxocobalamin and is important for patients that have mutations which make meurotransmitter metabolism slower.

SAMe – supports methylation

There are other supplement that you can take, but these are the essentials to get you started. The good thing about these is that they are relatively inexpensive compared to most treatments. It does start add up, But you can get started for close to $100.

You can get all of these supplements at amy yaskos website

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4 Responses to “Yasko Protocol – Simplified Approach For Chronic Fatigue”

  1. Dot says:

    My cardiologist ( has started me on a protocol based on Yasko’s findings because I had a stoke with none of the normal risk factors. Her studies may explain what is happening in my body. From what I have seen (websites for fibro, autism etc) there is a lot of mixed results in using these protocols. I am coming to the conclusion that each body is very unique and has its own special requirements. I can’t take SAMe at this time. One works for one will not work for another…

  2. Deborah says:

    My CFS Doctor in Sacramento follows this protocol with his patients. I am still at the basic level of supplements – no glutathione, SAME yet. Just Folapro, B12, Iodine high dose, Vitamin D high dose, Molybdenum, regular multivitamin, extra thiamin. I have had terrible burning prickly sensation which he says if the NO production so we are trying to address it before we move forward. I am on Valtrex also and have HHV6 so I have lots of viral die-off and he is trying to help me deal with all of this.

    I am glad to find a site / folks that can relate to this whole approach – I felt like the only one

  3. Herbert L Jones says:

    Greetings, I am currently on the simplified methylation protocol”about a week now”. Though I’m sure they all work the same, the protocol I’m using requires one to crush or divide the pills in to quarters. Do your protocol require the pills to be divided? Is it not the same as taking them whole, which would seeem to be more effective, all the ingredients are the same as what you offer, do your protocol require the pills to be divided? By the way, I have FM.

    Thanks, Herb

  4. Dave says:

    For anyone taking yasko’s magic yeast brew, I’d suggest to stop wasting your money, it’s a total scam. Yasko admits herself in an article on multifactorial disease that she has no idea how they work, but she’s convinced they so work, even though there is no support for the efficacy, aka the ability to produce an effect, could test efficacy in the form of a clinical trial. They’re a joke biologically too. May as well buy bakers yeast and eat it, save money at least. Treat your aliments by eating yeast mRNA, what a joke.

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